ELAPH – Electronic newspaper represented by Mr. Othman Al Amir (London)


ELAPH is the first electronic Arabic newspaper that adopted a comprehensive media policy from which it is trying to reach all the Arab readers all over the world. Since its establishment, the newspaper is committed to being fair and not bias, and has submitted to the Arab reader a new creative sample in the journalism field and especially the electronic journalism. ELAPH was also capable of reaching an international level of Arab writers and readers, and registered a great evolution in approaching and covering several different Arab issues. ELAPH is considered a distinctive creative journalistic work, and the Creative Award committee decided to grant ELAPH electronic newspaper the Media Creativity Award in honor of its creative idea, distinctive performance and comprehensive work.

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“ELAPH” is a project that was not established by virtue of an official decision and that won’t be closed by virtue of a similar decision, it is an project with an independent administration and decision, and its continuity depends on the continuity of this independence, that is certainly related to the financial independence and the economic success, since it is not enough for every journalistic work to accomplish the scoop after the other, and the number one news after the other, it also needs to guarantee the advertisement after the other, and without the commercial success the success of any journalist cannot continue, that’s why I won’t regret it if ELAPH stopped for economical reasons.
ELAPH is a comprehensive media project, including the newspaper and all its indicators, assets and roots that join the other media means. ELAPH combines the journalistic radiance that the reader finds in the newspaper with the advertising rivers that became intertwined among it and others.
ELAPH is not part of any trend or political party and does not support a country against another. It is the Arabic reader’s window to the world and the world’s bridge towards the Arabic reader.
At ELAPH we believe that journalism and opinion are two different things… if we respect the opinion and estimate it and give it the position it deserves, we are practicing journalism. ELAPH is simply a civilized service for an internet navigator searching for knowledge. ELAPH will be everyone’s newspapers and will target everyone, and therefore it will be present through a network of movable reporters present on the events sceneries: on the politics, economics, culture, arts, music, sport, society, science and medical fields. It will also be present on the services level; ELAPH will be pioneer in granting unique services on the level of content or live interaction with the navigators, that’s why ELAPH insisted on providing a comprehensive health window that will be offered in cooperation with IMAK, a European Company in order to serve the Arabic navigator and the foreigner through various explanation means. In addition, ELAPH will also provide the cars service in cooperation with AMPA.
At the end, it is essential to note that ELAPH’s concern of the internet future and its insistence on following up the technology and the telecommunication revolution, won’t be on the expense of its interest in the past events, the near and the far past, with all the unresolved secrets and the untold stories. Therefore, ELAPH will surprise the Arabic Journalism World with memories saying what was never said, and books telling what was never told, and stories raising tons of questions and queries.