Q. Do I need to get a Visa? If yes, how do I go about collecting one?
Yes, and for more information on entry visa, please visit FIKR website: http://fikrconferences.org/en/visa-requirements

Q. Is the guest eligible to delegate somebody to attend the conference and will the delegated person gets the same benefits?
Possible, but the committee has the right to accept or refuse.

Q. Is there any deadline for registration?
Yes, registration is closed ten days before the conference or when the targeted number   of audience is met.

Q. Does Arab Thought Foundation cover all the expenses?
A. Speakers and Honorees – Arab Thought Foundation will cover the following expenses:
•    Airline tickets
•    Transportation from and to the airport in the host country
•    Hotel accommodation only.
B. Participants – Arab Thought Foundation is not responsible for any expenses, on the     other hand, the participants will benefit from hotel discount rates the Foundation has been granted.
Please note the food meals will be existing at the conference location for all the invited people.

Q. Can my family accompany me?
Yes, speakers, honorees and participants can be accompanied by their family members on their own expenses provided that they should notify the committee upfront to arrange for their reservations. 

Q. Can I stay at the hotel after the completion of the conference and remain entitled to the discounts granted to the foundation?
The responsibility of the Arab Thought Foundation ends by the completion of the conference. Any person willing to extend his stay should contact the hotel directly.

Q. How could I participate in the conference as a speaker?
The following conditions should be fulfilled to participate as a speaker:

  1.  Should be specialized and have interest, researches and studies related to the topic  on the conference agenda.
  2.  Submit a CV including these researches, studies, and participations achieved on the email info@fikrconferences.org, the topic should be specified, in addition, personal contact numbers should be provided.   
  3. All speakers will be screened and short listed by a specialized committee based on their experience. The committee has the right to accept or refuse, and those who are chosen will be contacted directly.

Q. Do I have the right as a participant to intervene and extend point of view?
Participants can intervene and discuss their points of view during the seminars abiding the rules and regulations.

Q. How can I attend the conference as a participant?
If you are an investor or a businessman, a thinker or specialized researcher, a interested reporter and if you would like to receive an invitation to this conference, please apply  on line http://fikrconferences.org/en/request-registration or send us your letter to the following fax number 009611997101 or by e-mail to the following address info@fikrconferences.org indicating your wish to attend the conference and including personal information such as the current position you hold and your personal contact numbers. You will be contacted within a week following the processing of your request. However, participants have no right to submit their own paper work. Since the      participation is free, the foundation and the organizers will have the right to refuse those who are not specialized.

Q. What security measures are being taken?
Security is the responsibility of the host country.

Q. Is there any person/party to be contacted in case of emergency?
For emergency purpose contact Mr. Sultan Dughiman, Mobile # 00971556678057 (Lebanon)