FIKR12 Conference – Job Creation: 80 Million Jobs by 2020 in the Arab World

The 12th Annual Arab Thought Foundation Conference – FIKR12
Arab World Jobs Agenda
4th and 5th of December 2013, The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre

At a time when job creation has become a global challenge, and while the world strives to generate a new economic model to address this issue, the Arab World similarly needs a paradigm shift in terms of planning, since the biggest challenge lies in the creation of 80 million jobs by 2020.

Although job creation is frequently discussed in the Arab World, the Arab Thought Foundation plans to take a proactive approach to this regional issue in its upcoming FIKR12 conference. Breaking away from recurrent clichés, FIKR12 will address the Arab World’s most pressing demands, while taking into account the realities and constraints of each Arab country.

And since this issue cannot be addressed without transparent government decisions, FIKR12 will discuss the policies needed to generate an environment conducive to job creation.

To respond to these urgent imperatives, the Arab Thought Foundation, through FIKR12, will convene a platform for dialogue involving the public-private sectors, civil society organizations and youth participants, thereby engaging all stakeholders in this vital developmental challenge that is enhancing job creation.