“FIKR & AFKAR” session brings together Arab entrepreneurs to present projects and new ideas, and share exceptional experiences they have made, and that will have a positive impact in our Arab society. This session is inspired by the New Think Theater; speakers will provide their ideas through the theater framework.


  • Create a sense of responsibility among young people
  • To encourage young people to innovation and creativity
  • Motivate young people to positive competition 
  • Giving young people the opportunity to highlight its role as an effective factor in the community 
  • Giving young people a platform to showcase its initiatives and projects

Expected outcomes

  • Put the spotlight on Arab youth initiatives and achievements
  • Inspire and motivate young people to innovate 
  • Choose the best initiatives and achievements to be displayed within the meetings organized during upcoming FIKR conferences.
  • Prepare the ground for the launch of a youth initiative award

Speakers Criteria

  • Be of Arab Nationality
  • Fluent in Arabic
  • Be able to inspire and motivate the audience
  • Be able to convince the audience of his ideas
  • Be able to present the subject in a simple & clear way

Project selection criteria

  • The submitted project or idea should be relevant to a specified theme (vary each year)
  • The project should serve Arab societies
  • Being implemented or implemented since a period not exceeding a year