FIKR & AFKAR: Previous Activities

Youth at FIKR12

FIKR & AFKAR during FIKR12: this session brought together Arab entrepreneurs to present low budget projects they have undertaken, and that created at least three job vacancies in our Arab society. These projects were presented in front of a special committee who chose the best project and gave its owner a grant of 3000USD.


Youth at FIKR11

FIKR & AFKAR session was held on November 26, 2012. It gathered a group of Arab youth interested in public issues. During the session, they stated in short interventions their individual initiatives and discussed the ideas that seek to induce progress and development in their societies. The interventions were interspersed with short cartoon movies by Maya Zankoul about the subject at hand. The session was launched by Al Farabi band, which gathers a group of Arab youth.

Youth at FIKR10

FIKR & AFKAR session: Designed in the format of “New Think Theatre”, Arab Thought Foundation held a special session that preceded the official inauguration of its annual conference of FIKR10. The session gathered a variety of distinctive young participants from all walks of life who shared their personal and inspirational experiences; in pursuing their dreams and overcoming the obstacles. The session represented a free platform for speakers to express themselves, share their personal stories with the audience & inspire them to always seek to achieve their best.
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