FIKR15 Preparatory Workshops

As part of its preparations for FIKR15, the Arab Thought Foundation held a workshop at the headquarters of the Secretary General of the Arab League in Cairo on September 7 – 8, 2016. The workshop represented both parties’ commitment to achieve economic, developmental, cultural and security integration, as well as promoting Arab joint action.

The preparatory workshop began with an inaugural session, which reviewed responses to five integration issues raised at FIKR14. This session provided a framework for presenting its solutions to participants at FIKR15 conference, in addition to outlining a methodology for discussions throughout the sessions. The workshop subsequently consisted of two tandem sessions addressing four proposed working areas for FIKR15: nation-state and stability, Arab integration and strategic transitions, the Palestinian state and Arab integration, and digital media environments.

The sessions adopted a non-traditional approach in dealing with the subject matter, adhering to ATF’s goals of avoiding a descriptive summary of regional crises and formulating methodological topics and a forward-looking vision for the FIKR15 conference. The Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General also organized, in cooperation with the AT, a preparatory workshop at its headquarters in Riyadh on October 9 entitled “The Gulf Cooperation Council: Achievements and Challenges”. The workshop was held in preparation for the plenary session on GCC experience at FIKR15.