HE Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah

 Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sultanate of Oman

 The Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, Bin Alawi was in December 1997 promoted to this rank from a minister of state for foreign affairs. He has the functional role of a foreign minister, with Sultan Qaboos holding the foreign ministry portfolio. A highly skilled diplomat, Bin Alawi has been very effective in implementing the Sultan's unique foreign policy. He has done excellent work in preparing for the Sultan's foreign visits. Born in Salalah in 1945, Bin Alawi studied in Kuwait and later worked for several Kuwaiti firms and government departments. He was first contacted by Sultan Qaboos in August 1970, one month after he took power, as in the case of the Zawawis and many others who had fled the sultanate during Said's reign to study and work abroad. He was made a member of the Omani goodwill mission to Arab capitals in 1971. He then served at the Omani embassy in Beirut, becoming ambassador in July 1973. In 1974, he was made undersecretary at the foreign ministry.