Hotels in Dubai

Dubai has rapidly become one of the world’s premier destinations with the government and private sector coordinating to have new hotels built to accommodate visitors from every part of the world.
Dubai has a high concentration of luxurious five-star hotels that are often priced very reasonably considering the standards. Most of these hotels feature fine decor, a range of world-class leisure facilities, large rooms and amenities such as concierge services and business centers. They also house a good selection of world-class dining outlets. In addition to the many five-star hotels, Dubai also offers a good range of four, three, two and one-star hotels, as well as hotel apartments and youth hostels.
Hotel apartments are often cheaper than hotels, and are suitable for longer stays as they are fully furnished, regularly serviced, and usually have kitchen facilities.
In terms of non-hotel accommodation, guesthouses, or Bed & Breakfasts, are becoming more popular – these establishments offer a ‘home from home’ atmosphere and are usually located in residential areas. Hostels are an excellent option for the budget traveller – they offer dormitory-style accommodation at very low rates. As in any city in the world, standards do vary, so it makes sense to research various options before choosing which hotel is best for you.

Book a hotel online
Book a hotel in Dubai, using the unified portal of Dubai Tourism. A star-rating system by Dubai Tourism assures you of the quality of service and facilities at each hotel. The website also provides detailed lists of hotel apartments in Dubai and their addresses but you can still search for hotel apartments as per their classifications.