The Journey of Arab Integration

The Arab Thought Foundation adopted Arab integration as a topic of discussion for its conferences and publications under the initiative of the Foundation’s President, HRH Prince Khalid Al Faisal.This focus represents a strategic cultural goal that ATF seeks to spread and establish in light of the risks and divisions, crucial challenges, and threats to unity and identity facing the Arab region.

FIKR15 continues discussing the theme of Arab integration by studying the two unique and detailed experiences of the GCC and the UAE, complementing the two previous conferences in the series. FIKR13 took place in 2014 in Skhirat, Morocco, under the title of “Arab Integration: The Dream of Unity and the Reality of Division,” and FIKR14 was held in 2015 at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, concentrating on “Arab Integration: Challenges and Prospects,” marking the 70th anniversary of the Arab League.