الراعي الماسي

Almabani General Contractors is a broad-based contracting company with over 35 years of experience in the construction industry. The company is renowned for the great emphasis it places on human resources, particularly the management staff who form the backbone of its assets and the basis of its continued and successful performance.

الراعي الذهبي

OFID was conceived at the Conference of the Sovereigns and Heads of State of member countries, held in Algiers, Algeria, in March 1975. A Solemn Declaration “reaffirmed the natural solidarity which unites OPEC countries with other developing countries in their struggle to overcome underdevelopment,” and called for measures to strengthen cooperation between these countries.

 Al-Murjan group is considered one of the leading family companies prominent in commerce, investments, industrial, and development in Saudi Arabia. The group is owned by members of Bin Mahfouz family that was formed in 1994, to participate in the varieties of business interests and opportunities available in Saudi Arabia & the Gulf region which connects them with the world leading companies.

الشريك الاعلامي

 In 2003, Al Arabiya news channel was launched. The 24/7 free-to-air news and current affairs satellite outlet soon became the news source of choice for Arabs seeking credible news and information about the Middle East and the world beyond.

Al Arabiya’s reputation for sober and balance reporting now extends beyond its natural geographic and cultural domain, i.e. the Middle East. A number of renowned international news organisations and research institutes interested in the Arab and Islamic worlds regularly monitor Al Arabiya.

Al Hayat is a Pan-Arab International daily newspaper, published 365 days per year. It has a daily circulation of 361,000 copies.Al Hayat was founded in Lebanon in 1946, and ceased publication in 1976 due to the civil strife in Lebanon. In 1988 the newspaper was re-launched internationally from London. Al Hayat is the most widely quoted independent Pan-Arab newspaper dealing with Middle Eastern Affairs. Its European base grants it more freedom in conveying ideas and communicating concerns to support views within the mainstream Arab thinking.

الراعي الاعلامي

 An-Nahar (Arabic for the day) is a leading political independent Lebanese daily. It was first published on August 4, 1933 as a four-page, hand-set paper. The paper, whose staff numbered five, including its founder Gebran Tueni, was started with a capital of 50 gold pieces raised from friends, and a circulation of a mere 500 copies.

 Global Arab Network (GAN) is a comprehensive news and information service about the Arab world in English and Arabic, registered and based in London. GAN is a privately owned, impartial operation with no affiliations to any political group or government.

GAN covers news and information from the Middle East and North Africa concerning national and international affairs, relations between the Arab countries and the rest of the world, economy and business, foreign policy, science and technology, culture and society, entertainment and lifestyle.

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Zawya focuses on the developing business and investment environment in the Middle East. The company provides professionals with the means to identify, assess and monitor business and investment opportunities in both the public and private markets.

"Country" the Lebanese newspaper in the early twentieth century, and atheist. It is its diversity and size of the spread of a quantum leap in the Lebanese press tradition. Go with the prevailing model and the conventional method to set up a special and independent approach and reach new readers. "Country" a comprehensive political daily newspaper. First published in the December 15 (December) 2003, which chose the line of objectivity and impartiality principle in its work the journalist. "Country" the Lebanese newspaper faithful Lebanese constitution and civil peace and defenders of the co-existence.

  • Al- Eqtisadiah newspaper joined the publications of the Saudi Company for research and publication after the issuance of its first issue on Tuesday 1/12/1992, revealing the importance of the KSA and GCC markets and their close and influential relation on the world’s economy through the strategic position of oil and oil industries.

  • Al- Eqtisadiah is electronically transferred via satellites and printed in a number of known centers all over the world.


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Al Seyassah Publishing and Journalism house consists of many newspapers with Al Seyassah newspaper at the forefront. Al Seyassah is a daily newspaper since 08 April 1968. It was first issued in 1967 under the name Al Seyassah weekly Newspaper and it was owned by Youssef Ar Rifaii. Ahmam Al Jarallah, first editor in chief till 1967, succeeded, thanks to his professionalism and his ever growing contacts with local and Arab officials form different positions and domains, in turning Al Seyassah Weekly Newspaper into one of the most known and widespread local newspapers.

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Awan is a daily independent newspaper professionally committed to moderation and reality, with a firm belief that the freedom of the press comprises the right of every individual in the society to express himself, either through writing or by any other civilized means of personal utterance or creativity. VISION : To be most sought-after newspaper in Kuwait recognized for its honest reporting, journalistic integrity and real time access.

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