Visa requirements

Citizens of GCC countries do not need a visa to visit Dubai or UAE. Some GCC resident expatriates in managerial and professional jobs can get a visa on arrival at Dubai Airport. Other nationalities will have to check the new visa system on DNRD website.
 Citizens of 33 countries can get visas on arrival at Dubai Airport. Citizens from other countries require a visa sponsored by a UAE citizen or resident. Other entities like hotels, tour companies or airlines can also arrange visit visas.
Get a visit visa
The Department of Naturalization & Residency; Dubai (DNRD) has a comprehensive section for the fees, documents and guidelines necessary for Dubai visitors. You will also find this guide on Dubai visit visa for family members useful. The Dubai Airport website has a special section on Dubai & UAE visa requirements. You can apply for a visit visa through your mobile phone from outside the country. For those interested in visiting Dubai, DNRD provides a comprehensive guide on the conditions for issuing visit visas and the required documents.
DNRD has more than 10 branches with most branches including the main office working from 7.30 am to 8 pm. Some branches also offer an e-Gate Card for instant entry from Dubai or Abu Dhabi airports. If you have any queries or complaints, you can call the friendly Amer service of DNRD 24/7 on 800-5111.
You can also get visa services from Emirates in addition to information on visit visas and passports. Before applying for a visa, please have a look at the entry permit fees recognized by the DNRD.
A large number of companies, particularly those operating in the tourism and travel fields as well as hotels and shipping companies, benefit from the eDNRD service, which enables them to print entry permits without having to go to the DNRD.