Zawiyat Afkar

Zawiyat Afkar: Previous Activities

Zawiyat Afkar at FIKR11

In the Lobby of Grand Hyatt Hotel, alongside the eleventh annual conference of the Arab Thought Foundation  a round table is arranged.  It invites participants who are given the chance to discuss, intervene and comment on issues and topics tackled in the main conference sessions. It is a new form of AFKAR Corner  that is managed in an innovative way where the moderator seeks to set the discussions frame and themes and to raise as well the important points through the intervention of participants who join intentionally and spontaneously this round table.  Talke-oke is based on fun and spontaneity as two essential components for a successful round table away from serious discussions. This funny method facilitate the assessment and teach the art of dialogue management in an untraditional way; a host who during the session tries to provide an environment where participants feel comfortable and are willing to actively take part in the discussions. The topics raised by the participants during the conference tackled different issues that were discussed/elaborated with transparency and spontaneity.

Zawiyat Afkar at FIKR10

An open roundtable was set in the Conference’s corridors that attracted the conference’s participants to an open and opinion sharing and commenting debate on what have been discussed during the main conference’s sessions. This new Talke-Oke style was designed and prepared with the help of the “Talents center”, which had provided the training for the moderators/facilitators  one day  prior to the conference. This Talke-Oke is a dynamic mobile show that takes the energy of the audience to the next level; it allows participants to interact better with each other and have a wholly unique experience. its principle is based  on fun and spontaneity, as two essential components, away from the traditional dialogue where the host creates a comfortable environment for effective participation of the delegates.